Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pair of mittens, a baby dress, cuddly toy...

Okay, there's no cuddly toy, but among my many other WIPs, there is a pair of mittens (lately, there's always a pair of mittens):
 The pattern's mine and the yarn is Louisa Harding Handbeaded Grace (now discontinued) and Grace, but you could use any DK. That bit of beadedness around the bottom makes them a bit more special, say, for a present, but you could use a sparkly yarn or a sequinned one or whatever you like.

And then there's a baby dress, which just qualifies as a WIP as the bottom is curling up so it needs - aargh! - blocking. Well, what I mean is I'll run a cool, gentle iron over it - nothing scientific or complicated enough to require a technical term.
(In case you're wondering, yes, I'm already regretting photographing it on top of the kitchen tablecloth.)
This pattern's out of the current Love Knitting for Baby magazine. I'm trying to find out if it's available elsewhere, but no luck so far. The mag doesn't give either a pattern number or a designer's name, so no help there. I used three balls of Peter Pan Merino Baby which is a very soft and lovely baby wool which we sell for £3.55 per 50g ball. You'd need four for anything bigger than the 0-6 months size, but still a very cute dress for a reasonable price and a lovely quick knit.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I said I'd record my WIPs on the blog so, belatedly, here are the first three:

Believe it or not, the wool's not blue; it's a gorgeous deep green in Fyberspates's multi-tonal Vivacious DK. Must admit I'm only knitting this scarf for the sheer thrill of using this fantastic 100% superwash merino. The stitch definition is second to none. Yes, obviously we sell it...£14.50 for 115g. (Don't ask me why it's in hanks of 115g - makes it seem more expensive than it actually is which is a shame.)

And then we have another scarf which I'm thinking of as a craft fair type item.
It looks a bit crinkly, doesn't it? But I've made one already in a similar pattern (pattern taken from a stitch directory, with a garter stitch edge added) and did the unthinkable, actually blocked it!, and it came out beautifully. This is in the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Print, which is gorgeous wool but for some reason never really took off at Three Bags Full, despite my many hours of knitting a sample hoodie. Anyway, it's reduced to £4.20 in the shop if you'd care to try it. (RRP £5.95)

And finally, something a bit different for me, a baby blanket in 100% acrylic:
Very simple feather and fan type pattern which seems pretty forgiving as I keep losing stitches but the pattern doesn't mind. A sneaky kfb here and there and we're back on track. I really am a very sloppy knitter. (Especially when I'm knitting through a 10pm edition of Big Brother - doesn't help my concentration one bit.) This is a present and needs to be finished for November - better pull my socks up, have already been knitting it for several months. And what's with the acrylic? Well, I make a point of not selling anything I wouldn't knit with myself so I had to try this one out to make sure it was up to my exacting standards! And it is. Very soft and lovely. It's the Designer Yarns Baby Joy - not the cheapest acrylic at £2.60 per 50g ball but definitely one of the nicest. (RRP £2.95)

Only about a dozen more to photograph and fess up to...

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bags, blankets, toys, scarves, wreaths, cosies, flowers, purses....

Look at the fab patterns on this page! And the following 5 pages too - there are loads of them...all super-cute.

I know, there are very many beautiful patterns on ravelry, so why am I picking out these? Well, mainly because not only are they very lovely and very professional and very accessible for both advanced and beginner knitters, but also because the designer, Frankie Brown, doesn't charge for her patterns but instead suggests that you might like to make a donation to her chosen charity, the Children's Liver Disease Foundation, via her JustGiving page. So far she's raised over £8500 - how fantastic is that?

More power to her elbow. And yours, of course, if you make up one of her patterns.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Look what you can make with...

...just three balls of Debbie Bliss Angel. Regular customer Shirley has just completed this lovely shawl and it's even more beautiful in the flesh than in the photo.  Fabulous knitting.

(And just by chance I've recently added a few discontinued shades of Angel to the bargain basement basket...)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Cheap Debbie Bliss!

Well, I hope that title's being interpreted correctly - I'm not in any way casting aspersions on DB's personal life; I'm merely drawing your attention to the fact that we've reduced the TBF stock of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran, as it's been discontinued. one of our remaining full packs for £35.00, or a smaller quantity for £4.00 each ball.
This deal's not on the website as the Railto's never been on there, but if you're interested and not able to come to the shop, do get in touch - - and I'll set up a special order.
(RRPs would be respectively: £55 per pack and £5.50 per ball.)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Three little...

Three little pigs...maids...dresses! I didn't get round to photographing my many WIPs, mainly as I can't be sure at the moment exactly where they all are. I'll start that this week - but, in the meantime, here are three little dresses I've made for craft fairs.

The green one's knitted in a cotton/acrylic mix from Cygnet, called Cottony DK. Nice yarn. I bought just one pack to try out and will buy more when our stock of cotton's diminished a bit. So many have been discontinued this summer, it'll be lovely to stock up on something new that should stick around for a while. It'll retail at just under £2.00 for 50g. (Let me know if you have an urgent need for some and I can add that to our next Cygnet order.)

The red one is in some Cygnet acrylic DK, which we don't normally stock. I special ordered it for a customer and the remainder is now in the bargain basement basket if anyone would like it. (300g for £4.75.) Acrylic's not usually my first choice, but this was good quality and knitted up well. And it's a gorgeous colour!

And the yellow one - well, that's another cotton/acrylic mix altho' I've lost track of what exactly it is. Not something we sell, so you really don't want to know...

Saturday, 21 June 2014

An interview with me!


And in the meantime, I've started several new WIPs. This blog is, I think, going to turn into a record of knittery stuff started, finished and languishing. Actually that sounds okay; it might enable me to keep things a little more under control. Trouble is, you spot some pretty wool, you see an ace pattern and, before you know it, you're searching for the right size needles (which are, because of your serial startitis, at present in use for something you haven't touch since 2009) and then away you go. It could probably be classified as a psychological condition.

Newest starter for me currently is a very pretty scarf in Crystal Palace Kid Merino, which I think has been discontinued and which people seem to overlook in their eagerness to get at the similar, but softer and more luxurious, Debbie Bliss Angel. Anyway, I was feeling sorry for it - such pretty colours and so neglected, so I picked up a couple of balls of pink and away I went.

And, any minute now, I'm going to start a baby boy tank top in my last hank of West Yorkshire Spinners's owl print Blue Faced Leicester. They decided to start producing this in balls a while ago instead of the hanks (which I preferred) and I have just one hank left so, rather than have it sitting there all pathetic, I'm going to knit it into something cute and practical.

Pictures next time!