Friday, 17 October 2014

Free pattern - chunky cowl

What do you think of this?
It's a very simple, very cosy cowl for the cooler months. So much more twenty-first century than a scarf, y'know? Or maybe not, but there are definitely times when it'd be an advantage not to long, loose, trailing, woolly ends getting in the way. And, throwing principles and normal preferences to the wind, I've knitted this prototype in acrylic - well, mostly acrylic: Cygnet Grouseoor Chunky. Feel free to use Debbie Bliss Riva or Adriafil Mistero or some other more luxurious mix. I shall be doing at some point.
Anyway this is what you do:
Using chunky yarn of your choice, cast 97 stitches onto 5.5mm needles, and work 6 rows of k1, p1 rib in main colour.
Then work 2-colour pattern as follows, where a = main colour and b = contrast
Pattern row 1: k2a, k1b, *k3a, k1b, rpt from* to last 2 sts, k2a
Pattern row 2: k1a, * p3b, p1a, rpt to last 4 sts, p3b, k1a
Repeat these two rows until 28 have been worked. Break off colour b.
Work 5 rows of k1, p1 rib in main colour.
Cast off loosely in rib.
With right sides together sew side seam using a simple overstitch.
Sew in ends.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I heart hearts

In between the lacy scarf and the vintage jumper and the baby blanket and any number of other projects, I've mostly been making these lately. I fear they're becoming addictive - any small amount of leftover yarn becomes half a heart; any even tinier scrap becomes lettering. I'm thinking maybe loveheart bunting?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Day off today... a chance to photograph a couple of home-based WIPs.
This first is a sample garment in the new Roam sock yarn, and what I'm making is a simple 4 ply baby jumper.
 There are five different colourways combining self-striping and heathered effects, and they're all named for countryside features - this one is Cairn. I'm a big fan already.

And second, we have a little scarf that's been languishing, altho' having dug it out to photograph, I'm wondering whether my day off would also be a good time to take up the needles again on this particular project. It's made with two balls of Crystal Palace Kid Merino, knitted together to make a supersoft fabric. The pattern is just stocking stitch, with a garter stitch border to minimise the roll at the edge, and a lacy panel from a stitch directory worked in at each end. Very easy. We sell the Kid Merino at £4.75 a 25 g ball - both solid and variegated colourways. It's similar to the Debbie Bliss Angel, although it costs less as it's a less luxurious mix (no silk in it!).
Okay now, back to the knitting...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The WIPs are running away with me

Here I am, allegedly recording the WIPs and some of them are managing to get themselves finished before I've even taken the photograph. Totally out of control. So, here's one that I made earlier, as they say:
The wool's Knitcol - a couple of orphan balls, the last of a dyelot - and the pattern's from the new UKHKA booklet 1000:
This next one certainly won't be running away with me. I thought it'd be a fab idea to have a gansey all knitted up as a shop sample. So I allocated a few balls of the cream Wendy 5 ply and found a pattern and, well, I didn't expect to have to start with 21 rows of garter stitch on 2.25mm needles... It'll be fine. Really. I just need to do a couple of rows a day and then in a week or so I can swop to the 3mm needles and I'll just be racing through it from then on, won't I?

Many, many more on the needles - a present for later in the year, a hat for Christmas, the vintage jumper which I threatened to un-needle and then changed my mind because most of the tiresome knitting into the back of the stitches bit is nearly over now, the lacy scarf, the mohair scarf, the Bergere jumper I've been knitting forever, the cushion, the wristwarmers...

Feeling quite tired now.

Friday, 29 August 2014

New stock for winter!

So...a good couple of days at Three Bags Full - a consignment of the lovely Peter Pan Merino Baby arrived, including one new shade and then, shortly after that, three new yarns: the 100% British Ramsdale DK, Wendy Mode DK and our new sock yarn, Roam Fusion, arrived. Plus lots of new patterns.
The Ramsdale (£3.50) has the tagline 'Born Bred and Made in Yorkshire' (there should, of course, be a comma in there, but they didn't ask me to proofread the text so what can you do?). It's 60% Masham wool, despite the picture of a Swaledale sheep on the label (who exactly designed that label??) and it's lovely - here, take a look:
The Wendy Mode is kind of a replacement for the Patons Diploma Gold - which I think is fab, but it doesn't sell much and is a bit expensive for a mix. The Mode, on the other hand, despite the 1960s Corrie name (Miami Modes anyone?) will sell at £2.20 and it feels pretty soft to me. I'll be knitting up a sample just as fast as my fingers and other jobs will allow.
Amd then there's the Roam. This is truly lovely. A new, classic, multi-coloured sock yarn and I can't wait to try this one out either! It'll sell at £7.50.
If you're an online customer (Hello!) the Roam and Ramsdale will both be on the web, I hope, by the end of next week.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gotta love self-striping

A WIP with a difference. well, a couple of differences. For one thing this is going to be a pair of mittens for me. Yay! Mine, all mine. And for another well, just look at those colours...
This was an orphan ball of discontinued Noro Aya (not esp suitable for mitts) in shades of lilac, blue, pink, green... oh, every colour of the rainbow really. And all interestingly arranged in the ball so that while the first mitten has come out in various shades of lilac, the second one looks like it's going to be vibrant spring green with touches of blue and scarlet,
and maybe just a smidgeon of purple to pull the whole thing together.
I can at least be sure no on else will have a pair like them.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pair of mittens, a baby dress, cuddly toy...

Okay, there's no cuddly toy, but among my many other WIPs, there is a pair of mittens (lately, there's always a pair of mittens):
 The pattern's mine and the yarn is Louisa Harding Handbeaded Grace (now discontinued) and Grace, but you could use any DK. That bit of beadedness around the bottom makes them a bit more special, say, for a present, but you could use a sparkly yarn or a sequinned one or whatever you like.

And then there's a baby dress, which just qualifies as a WIP as the bottom is curling up so it needs - aargh! - blocking. Well, what I mean is I'll run a cool, gentle iron over it - nothing scientific or complicated enough to require a technical term.
(In case you're wondering, yes, I'm already regretting photographing it on top of the kitchen tablecloth.)
This pattern's out of the current Love Knitting for Baby magazine. I'm trying to find out if it's available elsewhere, but no luck so far. The mag doesn't give either a pattern number or a designer's name, so no help there. I used three balls of Peter Pan Merino Baby which is a very soft and lovely baby wool which we sell for £3.55 per 50g ball. You'd need four for anything bigger than the 0-6 months size, but still a very cute dress for a reasonable price and a lovely quick knit.