Thursday, 26 March 2015

A bit of jiggery pokery

That's what I had to indulge in to get this pattern to work. I've always loved this colourway - Breeze - in the Patons Fairytale Dreamtime baby wool but it's not shown to its best advantage in the ball. Cue a bout of baby knitting. Bur oh, did I choose the wrong pattern!

First off, there was a decrease row at the end of the rib. Maybe some people like that, but it seems contrary to me. Then there was the random insertion of 4 rows of garter stitch which added nothing to the design. Then there was something else I've forgotten. Of course, I should've chosen a different pattern to start with,  but the photo was just unclear enough to hide all these 'special' features. Hey ho, it's all good experience and splendid for the brain. I nearly always add shoulder buttons to baby jumpers, so I did that too - not keen on scraping little baby ears while tugging the neckline over their heads.

Anyway, it's done and I think it looks something like a normal baby jumper.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Teeny tininess

For those of you who would knit socks if it weren't for all those silly points getting in the way and the danger of losing your stitches off the ends of multiple double pointed needles...we present: the teeniest, tiniest circulars ever!
We've been selling the 12" circulars for a while for sock knitting and baby items, but these are an amazing 9" size. They take a bit of getting used to, but I'm going to feel much more confident knitting with these on the train this afternoon than I would with dpns, and I can put them away in a small project bag knowing there's a very much reduced chance of any stitches escaping. Yes, I think I'm sold on them.

(The wool in the photo is a lovely Crystal Palace sock yarn called Sausalito. I bought a single pack for research thinking I'd maybe stock it in the shop. Within a couple of weeks I'd tried out the first ball  and realised how fab it was, but in that short time they'd stopped distributing it in the UK. For crying out loud, there's a pattern emerging.)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Artesano/grab yourself a bargain

A couple of weeks ago, and very late in the week at that, Artesano were enquiring if I'd like to stock their Alpaca Heather. It looked like exceedingly good yarn and I thought I might take a chance. Would you believe it, before I'd even had chance to study the colours available, word had spread that Artesano were no longer going to be supplying retailers; their operation in future would be online direct to consumers only. I suppose I should be glad the timing wasn't worse - if I'd already bought the new line I'd have been even more fed up.

I understand that things are hard for everyone and that maybe actual wool shops, as opposed to webshops, are starting to seem pretty anachronistic. I know I would've loved to have bought more of their lovely yarns, because I never saw an Artesano yarn that wasn't fabulous and well-priced, but I was never in a position to and, as they went more upmarket, I had to remain pragmatic about what would actually sell in my particular location. But, even allowing for hard times, the possible demise of the bricks and mortar shop and the fact that maybe others, like me, could never order as much as the company needed them to, I wonder what would motivate them to treat their retailers, old and new, so shabbily? Or am I reading the situation all wrong? With no advance warning of the change and no explanation or background info it's hard to know what to think.

And the point of all to introduce the fact that all Artesano Alpaca 4ply and DK on the Three Bags Full website ( is now priced at £3.95 - that's 20% off what we have been charging and nearer to 30% off the RRP. Reduced to clear!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New knitting

Well, there's so much knitting going on here lately, but not in that frenzied, must-get-this-finished-as-fast-as-possible, kind of way that I sometimes fall into. More in a 'hey, I quite like knitting, what shall I make?' kind of way. And I decided to open an Etsy shop because, while I can put knitted things in the shop and customers ooh and aah over them, mostly people are looking for wool rather than garments and, when they are looking for garments, it's never the ones I've made; it's always the same thing but in grey or blue or a bigger size or a smaller one, or without the sleeves...

So, anyway, I started knitting in a relaxed, maybe-I-can-sell-this-on-Etsy kind of way and this is what I have so far.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I so needed... eight-year-old to model this! It would look so much better on an actual little person.

I decided to try out a few yarns from Bergere that looked like they might make great additions to the stock. The Coton 50 - well, it's 4 ply cotton and I'm not feeling the enthusiasm I need to tackle 4 ply cotton at present. So that's kind of waiting in the wings. The Bergereine is a mix of wool and cotton and is lovely, but I couldn't find many single patterns for it, so that might be another that we give a miss. But this little jumper is my sample garment from the one pack of Ideal I indulged in. It's a wonderful, soft, machine washable, 40% wool yarn in loads of colours. And there are loads of patterns for it too. The tension's a bit similar to the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, which I always think means you can use it for either 4ply or DK patterns, with just a tiny change of needle size.

What do you think? To indulge or not to indulge? It would probably sell for about £3.00 per 50g.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Such a neglectful blogger

And suddenly it's nearly the end of January, and so much knitting completed but undocumented. Not that you have to document knitting. In fact, it'd probably be a sign of some personality disorder if you did. Like alphabetising your CD collection. Altho' there are days that doesn't seem such a bad idea.

I've wandered off the point, so here's a little cardigan, inspired by Arlene's garter stitch scarves, made from Wendy Roam. It's a messed-about-with pattern from an old magazine but you could use almost any simple 4ply pattern and still get a fabulous effect with this lovely wool. Takes just one ball, so costs £7.50, plus a button from your mum's button box. Most of us have one of those, right?

My next job is to wash this to see how it feels afterwards. Some people think the Roam not quite soft enough for delicate baby skin, so I'm going to do a little research...

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year; New Knitting

How's your knitting mojo? Up and running? Slumped in a post-Christmas depression? I've completed a couple of small projects since the holiday: a roll brim hat for my sister in the West Yorkshire Spinners BFL Print double knitting, and also the cowl below, which is a newer version, knitted in the round, of the simple cowl pattern I posted recently. Knitted in two different vaiegated colourways of Adriafil Mistero, it's very snuggly. It was meant to be a shop sample but I fear it might end up being worn to Leeds for shopping on Sunday. Am even toying with the idea of bravely putting it (and a few other simple things) on ravelry as a free pattern, especially now I've realised that creating a pattern pdf, involves no more than clicking on 'Save as PDF'. Who knew it was that simple?